Sunday 29 May 2016

Stampin' Up! Don't need an envelope_Card#04_2016

Hi Me again :-)

I made a card which don't need an envelope.

when I write message on card, I feel I have to fill all of empty space somehow, It gives me stress! so I generally like to make small cards :-) I usually make 4" x 4" or slightly smaller than this. because its unique size, that means I need to make an envelope too. also I like to make an envelope that I try to make it matches with a card design.

So Here is the card that combined with envelope, so don't need to think about to make an envelope!
Thank you for reading hard/strange English! I really appreciate it :-D

would love to explain by text, but you know me! I can’t explain how to make it in English.

so Filmed a video tutorial on how to make it. I really enjoyed making this project. I hope you too enjoy it  :–D

Have a fun to watch it!

Click to watch video on  Stampin' Up! Card #3_2016 Don't need an envelope

Cover paper - 8-1/4″x 3-7/8″
Card base -  Same size as cover paper or 1/16" smaller each side
Score - 2-1/2" , 5-1/2"
Stamp set - Thoughtful Banners, Baby Bear
Punch - Duet Banner Punch

hope you enjoyed this project :-) Please do use the hostess code to support Willowpiggy :-) (hostesscode shown in the top right of my blog for the current one!) If your order is over £150, please don’t use this code, You can be hostess and get the Rewards! Please feel to email me or visit FB page If you have any questions!

Jerim/Willowpiggy xxx


  1. Oh I love this. I look forward to seeing your work! You are very inspiring as you think outside the box. Thankyou

    1. Didn't really like to make an envelope generally that makes me this idea! hahaha
      Thank you Jasmine for your lovely comment x