Thursday 6 September 2018

I am finally back from long - Holiday!

Long time no sees!!! finally, I am back to real life😫

 Today was My oldest girl's first day of  Primary School! finally YaY!!

Look at her socks. She is a real fashionista😜

I know that the School holiday in the UK isn't that long, so I thought this year was the last chance that I could go to Korea for a long time.(My the biggest goal was to my kids were being exposure in Korean speaking in this trip)
So we went to Korea for 2months. My kids are now good to understand in korean and learnt new words ;-)

**sorry, if you were waiting for me.
I was going to mention about long holiday on my blog, but James didnt want anybody to know that we were away long time!

It was crazily HOT there, I don't know how I survived! 

Everyday icecream party!

But I really enjoyed being busy. plus, shops open till late 11pm, good food-good price, super fantastic delivery service!

I love meat😍😍😍 Especially pork belly bbq🐖🐖🐖

I also went to crafting Whole sale place to get some fabrics, DIY accessories and double sided tapes! Unfortunately I was too busy and full of hands were for bags, I couldn't take any photos😥 really enjoyed time on my own.

Since I haven't done any crafting for 2months, I completely lost my crafting mojo. Only way to get back it is to playing with new sets that I ordered whenbi was away. But 4yrs girl and 2yrs boy won't let me do anything😫😫😫

So Its coming back, but not 100% yet. School holiday is finished. Hopefully Things get better.

Thank you for reading this post! See you soon at post for crafting 😍👍

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